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I saw your thankful thursday post.  What happened with your work and the pumping - do you have a good spot to pump now?

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    WELL.  A few of my co-workers were very vocal about how unfair the whole thing was and my boss overheard.  She told me it was fine to use the conference room.  She acted like I completely misunderstood what she said.  How do I mix up, "The conference room really isn't a good spot, I'm sorry i'm not sure we have a place here that will work."  So basically i'll use the conference room, which right now is working out great, and if for some reason it is needed, which is once every 6 months, I'll just use my car or the back warehouse area.  The warehouse would work because they moved a bunch of filing cabinets back there so I can kind of enclose myself.  The air just isn't regulated, so it's really cold out there right now.

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    Jeeze, I'm glad your co-workers stuck up for you but your boss is sucky.  Hopefully it continues to work out.
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    Yeah, it wasn't great the first couple of days.  My boss is usually really good about these kinds of things, but every once in a while she gets all weird.  On top of that, her and I are kind of friends. So I was left feeling a little hurt.
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