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Myrtle Beach Question

Hello South Carolina moms! Lurking over here to ask a question (I am a NC mom). This summer we are going to Myrtle Beach with family and I and I am trying to do some research on kid friendly activities. My son Will be 13 months old when we go. I know there is an aquarium there that I want to take him too, but other then that I am at a loss. Any suggestions would be great! TIA :) I am really excited about visiting
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Re: Myrtle Beach Question

  • There is also a Children's Museum there as well. Not sure how great it is but my niece has gone a few times. There is also a very small zoo... The Waccatee Zoo. I have been plenty of times. Its small but fun and gives you something to do outside on a pretty day. The aquarium is great and I love it. For you, there are 2 Tanger Outlets that I love to shop at. Each has different stores than the others so check out their websites to get an idea of what stores are at each one. I'll keep thinking of a few more ideas for you. I lived in Conway for 5 years and my husband grew up there. My in-laws still live there. In fact, we are going to visit for the weekend.
  • Thank you! We are going with my BF's parents and they are the kind of people who just plan things to do for themselves. They would not think to add an age appropriate thing for LO. They are coming to visit so I will let them know some of the things I plan on doing with my son. Yay for Tanger Outlets! I am from Texas originally and love the one in San Marcos! 
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  • Here are four websites you might like to check out ? HTH in your upcoming trip to our state! I?m in the Darlington area. GL -  Myrtle Beach With Toddlers | ? Visit Myrtle Beach, SC | - Fun things to do with kids around Myrtle Beach for under $10 ... - Myrtle Beach Family Vacations With Babies |Knights, Magic Wands ...

    Oh BTW you're LO is so cute holding the sign ...

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