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6 year molars

Can getting your 6 year molars cause dark circles under your eyes? My DS is getting his and as the day goes on he gets circles under his eyes that get darker and darker. By bedtime he looks like he has black eyes and then in the morning its all gone and he looks fine. I can't figure out what else it could be from.

Re: 6 year molars

  • My kids don't have them yet but it sounds more like a sinus type of thing to me - I have sinus issues and allergies and when they are acting up, I get black under the eyes.
    Jenni Mom to DD#1 - 6-16-06 DD#2 - 3-13-08 
  • Could be.  They can get runny noses and sore throats from their molars and it's all kind of inter-related once the nose starts running. 
    DS1 age 7, DD age 5 and DS2 born 4/3/12
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  • My DD gets dark circles under her eyes when she has any kind of nasal symptoms or when she has a fever.  She also gets them later in the day as she gets tired, sometimes.
    High School English teacher and mom of 2 kids:

    DD, born 9/06/00 -- 12th grade
    DS, born 8/25/04 -- 7th grade
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