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Preschool help!!!

Hi i am deciding on which preschool for the fall to send my ds.I am considering 2,one class has 18 students,and 3 teachers,is a christian preschool,is least expensive,playground is okay,nothing great.The other one has 22 kids,3 teachers,a little more expensive,playground is terrible but not sure if they use a different one possibly,there's one a little farther down,will find out tomorrow when i go visit.They have lots of activities they do with the kids and a lot for the parents to be involved with the kids.I'm so confused ,i guess i will hopefully know by tomorrow ,but maybe u can tell me which 1 u would pick.They both come highly recommended,i just don't know,and they both are filling up fast so i need to make my decision soon.Let me know what u think.Thanks!!!

Re: Preschool help!!!

  • I tend to gravitate towards the preschool with less children in it.  I think it's whatever would be best for your LO. I know my DD is a reserved, shy person around new people, so I think the less people/children there are, the better for her to adjust and not be as overwhelmed.
  • Is it possible for you to bring your LO with you to check it out and maybe stay and participate for a little bit?  We did this with DD and found the perfect school for her this way. 
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  • The one with the 18 kids my ds and me went last night and he loved it.The one we are visiting tomorrow,it will be during class time,so it should be interesting,he's not shy at all though,he's very high energy,always busy.
  • I would go with your gut.  Which ever feels better to you and your LO.  With three teachers I wouldn't be worried about a couple more kiddos.  I also wouldn't worry about the playground unless it's a safety issue.  Most kids can have a great time playing with a stick and rock or just running around.
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  • i would always go for smaller ratio's

    the one your looking at tomorrow sounds like the best with all the activities and parent participation that sounds promising

  • Hi -- lurker from school aged kids board.  

    This is a tough decision, isn't it!?

    When my DD was 2, and I was looking at 3 y/o preschool programs for her, the thing I felt made the most difference was the teachers.

    At a few schools the teachers seemed burnt out and bored, and those schools were obviously not where I wanted DD to go.  At other schools, the teachers just seemed like caregivers.  They were just nice, soft, warm, loving bodies -- but not really teachers.  

    I wound up choosing one of the cheaper schools I looked at.  Their facilities were nothing special, but the teachers seemed really professional.  They were dedicated experts at teaching 3 and 4 year olds.  My kids had a great preschool experience, and I was really thankful I chose that particular school.

    I say go with the school where you really feel like the teachers are fantastic.  

    High School English teacher and mom of 2 kids:

    DD, born 9/06/00 -- 12th grade
    DS, born 8/25/04 -- 7th grade
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