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What diapers to register for?

I'm going to register at CottonBabies. I've read that I won't really know what brand works best for us until the baby is actually here, but I'm wonder if there's any particular brand that works well for the majority of babies that would be best to start my stash with. Thanks!

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Re: What diapers to register for?

  • Well I'm sure you've heard this but it depends on what fits better on the baby and what works best for you :)  I really like Bumgenius on my son right now only because they fit better since he is a rather large baby.  I LOVE Fuzzibunz because they seem very comfortable and they also seem softer to me.  Anther good thing to know is that I would get most of them if not all of them with snaps...they last longer.  I have some velcro ones and I mostly got those for my husband since I know snaps would kills him LOL :)


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  • GMD prefolds

    Bummis covers

    KL0 fitteds

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