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Suggestions needed

Hello All. 

I took over a week for my milk to come in and I still am having trouble with increasing the milk supply. My LO ended up in the hospital for a couple days because of dehydration and we have been supplementing with formula after breastfeeding since then. I met with with a breastfeeding center today and they put me on fenugreek.

I was hoping you ladies had suggestions as to things I can do to increase my milk production. She's two weeks old now and I still am not producing enough to fill her up.  

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Re: Suggestions needed

  • make sure you are eating and drinking plenty. 

    for every ounce of formula you are giving your LO, that is one more ounce that your body thinks it doesn't have to make.  every time you give your baby formula you need to pump to stimulate your body to make more milk.  try doing a pumping "power hour": sit down with your pump a glass of water and the remote,  pump until you are empty. wait 10 minutes then pump for 10 mins, repeat for an hour, this will stimulate your body to make more milk

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