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BM question

I know this has been asked prob 1900 times...i apologize.  I had my MIL give LO a bottle of BM that had been in the fridge since this morning.  She warmed it in a glass of warm water.  He didnt finish the bottle so when i got home i put the rest in the fridge.  is that ok to add newly expressed milk to that bottle for his bottle tonight?  Once milk is warmed can it go back in fridge?

Lilypie - (ovfd)

Re: BM question

  • I would not add new milk to that.  It's not the fact that it's been warmed, but that he drank from the bottle - bacteria etc can be in there. 

    Once a bottle has been warmed, you can leave it out at room temp for 4 hours and offer it again, but never re-refrigerate for later, or add to it.

    To keep from wasting milk, try offering smaller amounts at a time - that way you can always offer more, but if he's not hungry you don't waste a whole bottle!

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