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FTM- travel and BF Q

Hi Moms!

I plan on exclusively breastfeeding, with the occasional pumping for DH to bond/me rest. I'm due 4/1/12, but we have a wedding on the opposite coast in Aug (baby will be around 4.5 months). DH is excited to do some vineyard tours and wine tastings... My in-laws have volunteered to watch DD for us during those times. I'm just worried about a few things, like needing to "express" myself, how much I will need to pump for feedings, how to store it while traveling...

Is this all possible? Thanks!

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Re: FTM- travel and BF Q

  • It's absolutely possible. Pump each time your LO would be eating while you're away and carry a cooler with ice or frozen gel packs. 
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  • You could also have your ILs come with you and bring your LO, my sister did that when she went to a wedding in CA when her daughter was a baby. 

    Also, you will have to pump for every bottle your LO gets, so when your DH gives a bottle, you should be pumping - so it's not like you rest then, you know?  Once your supply is established, there is a little more leeway with when you need to pump to replace feedings.

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  • But by the time your LO is 4.5 months your supply will be established so if you skip a few sessions while on vacation it won't be a problem. It's really just the first 3-6 weeks that you can't really skip sessions because you are establishing your supply :)
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