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Short Luteal Phase... Does this mean it will be difficult to get prego?

So I am on cycle 5 of TTC. I started using tests to detect my LH surge and I just detected it on CD 20. My cycle fluctuates between 28-33 days... last month being 28.

How long of a luteal phase is needed usually for successful pregnancy? Anyone have any insight into this? Also, would Clomid or any medication induce earlier ovulation? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Short Luteal Phase... Does this mean it will be difficult to get prego?

  • Anything under 10 days is considered to be an issue and could result in sustaining pregnancy. I don't know much about Clomid, but if you O earlier, most likely you LP will stay the same. Other ladies here might know more about that type of med.

    To lengthen your LP, you can either take progesterone supplements (Rx from the doctor) or try a B Complex vitamin. I started taking a B Complex with just 50mg and it increased my LP from 8 days to 9, then last cycle I just had spotting on the 10th day. I'm upping it to 100mg to see if that works better. Make sure if you take a B vitamin you have B12 in addition to the B6.

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  • Prego is usually pretty easy to get, look in the isle next to the ragu...

    Sorry I couldn't resistStick out tongue.  Anyway, usually a LP less than 10 is considered short.  If you just started using OPKs then you won't know what your LP is until you get your period this month. 

    Also you said that that you have only been TTC for 5 months.  Were you on BC before that?  If you were your cycle could still be regulating.  I wouldn't worry until your LP is consistently less than 10 days.

    One last thought, you do know that OPKs don't confirm ovulations right?  They are helpful to pinpoint when you may ovulate, but they can't confirm that you acutally did ovulate.  The only way to confirm that you are ovulating is to chart your BBT or be monitored by U/S by a doctor.





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  • I would start charting to confirm ovulation to then confirm LP length. And more than 2-3 charts is preferred by most RE's (fertility specialists) - at least from what I've seen. Do NOT do and IF treatments with an obgyn!!!

    Clomid can lengthen LP (when you O doesn't really matter for the most part - it's length of LP that matters) but should be handled with care.

    You should go through a panel of tests before being prescribed Clomid. CD3 b/w, hsg, and a SA for your H and then once ovulation is confirmed with either charting or u/s 7DPO b/w (not to be confused with CD21 b/w).

     After ALL of this, then Clomid is a reasonable option. But you should be properly monitored with it. This consists of a baseline appt (b/w and u/s) and then mid cycle monitoring of b/w and u/s to see if you're properly responding. 

    Clomid is notorious for causing cysts and thinned uterine lining. And the recommended lifetime LIMIT for Clomid is 6 cycles. So if you're going to do this, make sure you're with a responsible doctor.



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  • I've read here on the bump of women going to see acupuncturist to lengthen your LP
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  • My doctor gave me a low dose of Prometrium to lengthen my 9-10 day LP.
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  • Thanks for the advice everyone! I was not on birth control prior to this and hopefully my cycle just goes abnormally long this month... If not I guess I will go to a specialist to get more advice... But the 3-6 month wait in my city just seems like SO long to wait!


  • I've been wondering the same thing! Since stopping BCP my cycle varies from 28-35 days.  The two times I used OPKs I O'ed on CD 19. I don't know very much about the Luteal phase but this info helps me understand it better.

      Best Wishes :)

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