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Lactose Intolerant??

Hello, this is my first post on the breastfeeding board and I have a question.  

Took my little one in because of blood in his stools today.  He had 5 dirty diapers from 3 am to 10 am (big ones with blood streaks in them...and very slimy..TMI!!)  Doc thinks it is lactose intolerance and told me to feed him this hypoallergenic formula for a few days.  We did a culture of his poop and they also did a blood draw to check for the milk protein allergy.  I have to take him in for a follow up on Thursday.  

Does this sound right??  I didn't get to see our regular doctor.  I am calling him in the morning.  Just wanted to know if there was anyone else out there with this issue and had to stop breastfeeding.  



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Re: Lactose Intolerant??

  • With our first son we found out at 18 months he was super anemic do to a dairy intolerance. He nursed all the time, never slept. I was a mess. I nursed tell he was 12 months and then gave him a bottle for a little while. But all he wanted was milk, the milk was actually washing all the good nurturance out of his system and he ended up bleeding out of his stomach. His hemoglobin was a 5. They thought he could be going into Cardiac arrest!? Crazy I know! When he ended up in the hospital for a week, the Doctors said it was probably during pregnancy that the problem started and encouraged me to go dairy free as I was pregnant with our 2nd child. Everything about my pregnancy was different for the better. We did dairy free for 2 years. My son is now 4 and has a hemoglobin of 13 and enjoys all regular dairy of course closely monitored by mom! Apparently this is more common then we realize, but no one ever talks about it. They called it ?Milk Baby Syndrome? The whole time I was trying to wean him from the bottle and so much milk everyone said, don?t worry about it he?s fine as long as he?s drinking milk he?s getting everything he needs! Wrong!!!!

    So it?s great that you caught it now, and you should totally be able to change your diet so you are still able to nurse. It?s not so bad; there are a lot of great products out there! It also helps the weight to come off that much faster! Not to mention makes your baby happier!


  • A hind milk/ fore milk imbalance can mimic a dairy intolerance.
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  • It sounds like a milk protein allergy, which is what my DD has.  She had frequent, mucousy, smelly stools that occasionally had specks of blood in them.  She was also very fussy and gassy.  After I cut all forms of dairy, her symptoms were better within a day.  It CAN take up to three weeks to see results.  It's worth a shot for sure.  It's hard, but doable.

    Try for help.

    Also, McDonald's french fries?  Not dairy free.  But Oreos are.  Wink

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