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workout question

I am planning on going to Zumba tonight. Has anyone else been doing Zumba or done it in the past? I am a little worried it might be too intense. I was informed the one tonight is more calm with very few kicks and no jumping. Up to this point I have been walking, working out on ellipitcal, and lifting a few weights.  Any advice??
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Re: workout question

  • I would talk to the instructor before the class starts and let her know you're pregnant. She might tell you which exercises to avoid (if there are any).
  • Honestly you are probably to ok to do almost all of it.

    Just keep in mind that you want to be able to talk while working out. The heart rate *can* be irrelevant but you want to make sure you are getting enough oxygen and can talk. That will tell you if you are pushing too hard.

    My Dr told me to do whatever feels comfortable and don't start anything too new due to risk of injury. For me that means that I can run, do cleans, deadlift, do pullups, pushups, kettlebell, anything I am comfortable with. After growing a bit deadlifts and squats are out because the belly, hips, and lowerback do not co-operate.

    You will know what you feel best with and can always modify. The instructor can and should give modifications for various fitness levels as you go through the class.

  • I do turbo kickboxing :)  I just modify most things, low kicks, no tucks or burpees.  Instead of jumping, just step it out.  One of my friends did Zumba up until the very end of her pregnancy.  I would just do what you feel comfortable with and talk to the instructor for modifications. I try to do it where I can still talk and am not completely out of breath. 

    My turbo instructor said most people don't go past 6 months with that b/c it's more intense. 

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  • If you are new to Zumba, you might need to spell yourself often. Take frequent water breaks b/c you will sweat a lot. For some reason I get winded a lot faster with Zumba than with walking and jogging. I think it's the variety of moves and tempos. Also, watch the turns. Sometimes they make me dizzy.


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