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BM and acid reflux?

DS is getting BM from a bottle because I EP...After reading a couple posts on here, I wonder if he can have acid reflux...Does anyone have tips on how to recognize it?

Sometimes he acts like he is hungry and then when he gets the bottle, he won't eat...he just fusses and fusses, while arching his back. He doesn't spit up a lot, only once in while and doesn't cry when he does that. He also has a hard time settling at first for bed.

Any ideas????


Re: BM and acid reflux?

  • my bff's children both had acid reflex , they spit up most of what they ate and didnt want to eat, i would suggest making a apptmt with the doc. he can give you med.s for that 
  • DD has it, and has been on reflux meds for almost 2 months now. I took her to the Pedi when she basically spit up or even threw up most of what she ate, and arched her back and seemed really uncomfortable/gassy. She's been so much better since, a different (happy) baby!
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  • He may not like the nipple or the flow could be wrong for him.  He might want it faster or it's coming too fast and he feels overwhelmed.  DD has reflux and spits up all over the place all day long.  She makes the reflux face too when it comes up. 
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  • Mine just got diagnosed with reflux. He almost never spits up though! Some of the signs were arching back during or after eating, crying if you set him down after eating, and we discovered he had a low oxygen saturation at a dr visit (he had bluish eyelids and under nose so I rushed him in).

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