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2nd time moms

Has anyone who breastfed their first LO and is now bf their second found the second time around to be more difficult? My first was extremely easy and my supply was wonderful. This time around I was only engorged for a day and now I rarely even feel full. I'm a cup size bigger this time so I don't know if that has anything to do with the full feeling. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar and how was their supply long term?
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Re: 2nd time moms

  • My first was formula fed since BF just didn't work out.. This time it's going great I was engorged one day and never felt full.. Still don't feel full unless I go a certain amount of time without feeding..

    That said you SOULDNT feel engorged or full if you feed on demand. I've had no supply issues even with my dieting I've been doing. Make sure LO is going frequently enough and you're fine.. 

  • You don't have to be/feel engorged to have enough milk to bf.  With my first I could not pump anything, but I was able to bf for 13 mos. I never leaked, sprayed, or felt engorged.

    This time I am able to pump some for my stash, leak a little, and bf is going great, too.

    If LO is making enough wet/poopy diapers and is gaining weight then bf is fine.

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  • As others have said, don't worry about not feeling engorged for full.  As long as your baby is satisfied and giving plenty of wet diapers, your supply is good.  Your body knows what to do, didn't you wean #1 when you were in your 2nd tri with #2?  Your boobs just haven't forgotten what to do and are already pros.  :)
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