So I think I'm getting a cavity!:( — The Bump

So I think I'm getting a cavity!:(

I EBF my 8 week old. Ive been having pain in my tooth for about a week. Has anyone gotten dental work while BF'ing? I'm concerned with the meds they give you during, and there is NO way I could do it without.


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Re: So I think I'm getting a cavity!:(

  • No help here - but my wisdom tooth broke through almost immediately after I gave birth. I'm putting off doing anything about it b/c I just don't see how I can properly care for my BF LO after seeing what other people are like after wisdom teeth removal. 

    It hasn't been hurting me though. I think that I would probably do something about a cavity b/c you don't want a root canal or anything! I recall cavities not being too tough to deal with and the pain meds are very localized so my guess is that you could continue to BF. You could ask your pedi though. 

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