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XP - my OB is very pro-VBAC but now I'm thinking of switching.

So, my OB had the nerve to get PG at the same time as me (kidding!) and now she's on bedrest for at least the next two weeks and is likely questionable throughout the rest of my pregnancy.

I want a VBAC and while all of the doctors in the practice will do them, mine is apparently the most supportive of them.  For example, the random doc I saw today said mine is the only one who uses a Foley catheter as part of an induction - he's never done it before a single time.

Now I'm wondering if I should officially switch from this doctor I love, because I don't want to be assured that XYZ will be no problem for my VBAC birth, and then the day-of get a doctor who's not equipped to do any of it.  It almost seems better to align myself with the next-most-pro-VBAC doc and know what I'll have going in, KWIM?  My OB was already due just a couple weeks after me, I'm wondering what the chances are of her even still working by my due date, much less willing to come in if it's not her day to work.  Sad

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Re: XP - my OB is very pro-VBAC but now I'm thinking of switching.

  • I would definitely make contact with the "next best" provider.  Make sure they're accepting new patients and maybe explain the situation.  Then you could see how your first choice is doing in 2 weeks??

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  • Can you talk to her directly and see what she thinks? You could also see if she has recommendations for any other pro-VBAC doctors who aren't in her practice. It's a pain, but I would look for a doctor that can be assured to be there. hth
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  • I agree with pps.  GL!

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