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Some funnies

William is talking up a storm these days, but he's having the typical (or maybe not so typical...) new talker issues with a few words.  Thus:

truck = f*ck

clock = c*ck

socks = sex

He uses these words a lot -- they happen to be some of his favorite things.

In the car, it's constant pointing and, "Mommy, f*ck! F*ck!!! F*CK!!!!!"  Oh, and his favorite jammies happen to have fire trucks on them.  They're his f*cks jammies.

In Target the other day, we happened to walk down the aisle with all the clocks and it was, "Mommy, c*ck! C*ck!!! C*CK!!!!!"  Only he also had a truck in his hand, so a couple of times it was, "F*ck!  See my f*ck!  Ooh, Mommy, c*ck!  C*ck!"  And he was loud about it too.  Really loud.

In the mornings when we're getting dressed, it's, "Mommy, need sex!  Need sex and shoes!"

It's so freaking funny.  And it will be until some Sunday morning at church when he sees another little kid with a truck.

ETA more creative spellings to circumvent the anti-naughtiness filters. 

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Re: Some funnies

  • lol! I feel so evil when I laugh at these things. Leo's big ones used to be frog = f*ck and bench = b*tch. If he ever happened to say "Frog on the bench" it just sounded like all kinds of wrong.

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  • We got DD the Percy train from Thomas and now we here "Where's my p*ssy?" "I want my p*ssy"

    Fun times.

    Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers Pregnancy Ticker
  • Ohmygosh, I'm dying laughing!
  • V pronounces clock the same way and calls the watch she got in her stocking a clock. So, she walks around saying, "You like my c*ck?" "Look at my c*ck, its pretty!"
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  • When D says Oopsie, it sounds like 'Oh Sh!t'. My mom still thinks that this is what she's saying. Honestly, even I thought that's what she was saying, till I realized that this is the only swear that is not in my daily lexicon. I said Oopsie one day and she repeated with her 'Oh Sh!t' and that's how I figured out what she was actually saying...
  • Ha ha!  Thanks for sharing.  I'm in a foul mood this morning and needed a laugh.

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