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Pelvic rest means no orgasms?!?

So I was put on pelvic rest last week because they found subchorionic hematoma in my u/s, but my conversation with the doctor was on the phone, and it was so short and I didn't know what to ask. She basically said no heavy exercise and I *think* she said "no intercourse." She may have said "no sex," I just can't remember. So here is the important distinction: Nothing in the V, I get that -- but does that mean no--ahem--other activity that could (ie should) result in orgasm? I have an appointment in a week and I'll talk to the midwife about it then, but I'm too embarrassed to call and leave a message about this sooner.  Good old internet is not really helping. 

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Re: Pelvic rest means no orgasms?!?

  • Hmm.  Truthfully, every doctor is different in how strict they are.  I'm pretty sure pelvic rest means ZIP -- nada.  The goal is to keep your uterus, mid section, pelvic area "rested" and not irritated.  I would definitely clarify.  And don't be embarrassed.  You're not the first or last woman to have to ask these questions!

    I have a cerclage, so I'm on the no sex restrictions.  For the first week after the surgery it was complete pelvic rest, and we clarified, this meant no sex, no orgasms.  After that 1st week were cleared for "high school" sex as my doctor called it.  Basically -- foreplay, a little touchy feely, but NO INTERCOURSE.  It was a little embarrassing asking, but I bit the bullet because I'd rather know then keep wondering and potentially do something wrong.

    Good luck! 

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  • I am so glad that you asked this question, because I am in the exact same boat!  I was put on pelvic rest and my RE's office was of no help.  You're right, there's not a lot about it on the internet.  I have been having sex dreams lately and was wondering the same thing!  I anxiously await answers!   Lol!    Big Smile
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  • least that's what "pelvic rest" at my OB's office is.  I have a hematoma, a cerclage, an irritable uterus and a little bit of previa going on so I am on strict pelvic rest.

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  • When I was on pelvic rest, it was no intercourse, no orgasms, no exercise.  Nothing that may irritate my cervix or ute.  It sucks but this LO was totally worth it!
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  • It depends.  They were clear with me after my cerclage that there was to be no sexual stimulation and no orgasm.  The doc even said (only half-jokingly) not to dream of Brad Pitt, because he wanted me to avoid sleep orgasms as well.

    It varies doctor to doctor.  I'd avoid all sexual contact until you've clarified with your caregiver, to be safe.

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  • Thats wht ob says last time too. It sucks! I had gone so long I a dream about having sex and I orgasmed, lol. Not my fault I though I was asleep! 

    Hopefully it's not forever.  

  • I also have a SCH and I?m on pelvic rest. I would say no to orgasms because they cause contractions of the uterus which could cause bleeding. I know it?s tuff. It seems like I?m craving sex so much now that I can?t have any.
  • Bummer. Thanks, ladies. It makes sense, I just don't like it! I love how one doctor said to "avoid sleep orgasms." Um, yeah. 
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  • I would verify with your office, but I imagine it means nada because of the way the body handles itself during the O.  Excellent question to ask!
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