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Going to the casino....

I am in my first trimester and had planned to go to Mohegan Sun this weekend to hang out for my Birthday, this was before I found out I was pregnant.  The casino is huge and well ventilated and there are many areas (shops, restaurants...) that are smoke free.  If I keep away from people who are directly smoking do you think it's ok if I still go?  Or should I steer clear altogether....

Re: Going to the casino....

  • I am almost 24 weeks and i have gone to foxwoods probably a good 6 or 7 times since i found out i was pregnant. I would say you are fine just try not to sit a table or slots next to someone smoking. I just always ask for the table to be non-smoking and i haven't had an issue.
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  • Thank you so much lubee!!
  • I went into a casino only to eat dinner and just walking through the place make me ill feeling. The smoke really got to me. I normally don't like smoke, but I think my senses were more sensative.
  • I have heard a "smoking section" compared to pissing in a pool. It is so true. Even residual smoke (google 3rd hand smoke) has negative effects. I didn't go to any casinos while I knew I was pregnant. Believe me, I wanted to, but my DH wasn't OK with it, and I would have felt so very guilty.
  • I work in Las Vegas and everyone still works while pregnant..smoke or not, in the casinos...
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