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Suggestions for 4 yr old costume party?

DS1 is turning 4. His "theme" is costume party (i.e. he wants all of his friends to dress up in costume). Would this bug you if you were a fellow 4 year old mama considering the birthday party would be in May (not October near Halloween where you'd have a costume on hand)?

Also, any suggestions on decorating and using this theme further?

I could buy a bunch of dress up type clothes and put them in a big trunk for kids to dress up at the party.

Any ideas would be helpful!

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Re: Suggestions for 4 yr old costume party?

  • I would probably do the invites as "come in any costume of your choice or use dress up stuff we have".  Then I doubt anyone would mind.  You could even list some ideas that require no shopping like a surfer or lifeguard (swimsuit and a whistle), teacher (add a pointer), thief (mask and bag of chocolate coins), skier or snowboarder (snow pants and hat).  DD happens to have a plentiful collection of dress up stuff acquired over time so I would probably make that available.  I think you could safely invest in a cape or two, probably score some cheap masks that are out for Mardi Gras now and perhaps even hit up the local Goodwill or thrift to see if they have any you might purchase.  You could also talk to other moms to see if they have extra dress-up stuff that you might borrow for the party. 

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  • I think it would be fine.  My DD would LOVE to wear her halloween costume again.  I would just decorate like any other b-day party, balloons, streamer, etc... Have fun!
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  • My kids would love this as they play dress up at least a few times a week and we have a toy box in the living room that is all dress up stuff.  Just word it the invite as "come dressed up in your fav costume" and don't relate it to Halloween at all.  Its a dress up party!
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  • No, I think it'd be fun.  We just went to two themed costumed parties.  We went to an all girl princess party where they dressed as their favorite princess.  We also went to a 50's Bowling party.  It was at a bowling alley.  The girls wore poodle skirts and the boys wore jeans and white t-shirts.  It was adorable!
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