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Hi ladies!  Does anyone go to Dr. Horlacher?  If so, do you recommend him?  I am thinking about switching to him but am apprehensive for a few reasons.  Namely, I am not sure about delivering at MVH.  I am also looking for a doctor who is more holistic in their approach and more cautious than laid-back.  Is Dr. Horlacher that way?  I appreciate any feedback!

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  • LOVE love love him! I switched mid pregnancy and can not say enough good things.  Their whole practice is very pro-natural birth, low intervention.  I delivered at MVH, didn't get into Family Beginnings but got to do pretty much everything I wanted with my doula in the regular unit, progressed without being pushed to deliver (spent 10 hrs at 9 cm without a peep from the nurses about an epi until they could just tell I really needed it, and I was about to ask anyway).  They are also pro-VBAC.  I have seen both Dr. Horlacher and Dr. Wood (Dr. Wood actually did my c-section for DD and he was fantastic!).  I have seen Dr. Kidd once and she was really nice and the NP is fantastic as well. They are cautious though when needed, my BP was up at one point and they didn't hesitate to send me to L&D for a visit to see if it went down and made sure we kept track of it, and treated me after birth b/c it was high.   Like I said, can't say enough good things.  Oh and I know they will deliver at Family beginnings, and I think Dr. Horlacher will deliver in the tub, not sure about Dr. Wood, forgot to ask him and it didn't matter at the time though I labored in the tub at the regular unit. 

    ETA:  To add to your cautiousness comment, I mentioned I had a c-section, they let me push for 1 1/2 hrs, but saw I was getting nowhere and rather than just let me ride it out rec'd a c-section and it turned out I would never have delivered her without it (she was just crooked enough to keep her in there).  So glad they didn't just let it ride and put me and DD through more labor that was pointless.  They are great with the holistic approach but turn to interventions when they see they are necessary. 

    MVH was also great when I delivered, the nurses were fantastic, never pushed drugs or anything on me and let me labor in all sorts of positions and in the tub, and omg the food is fabulous.  

  • imagedaves_sweetpea:

    What are your concerns with MVH?  The neighborhood?  The fact that it's the public hospital?  If so, I understand, those are valid concerns.  I work nearby and 20, 15, or even 10 years ago I would have been concerned too.  The area was nasty then!  In the past few years MVH, the historic district nearby, and the university have really improved the Brown St/maternity side of the hospital.  My old gyn was down the hall from Dr. Horlacher and I would walk to the hospital so I didn't have to deal with parking.  Brown St almost an extension of Oakwood by now.  I've been in the brand new building and the Berry women's wing and both are clean & feel safe.  In fact, if you want to get on the maternity floors you have to stop at the main desk, register, & get a card that opens the elevator for those floors.  It's a good way to make sure you have peace & quiet so you can sleep & bond with your baby!  Let me know if you have any more concerns with the actual hospital.

    I'll Echo daves_sweetpea, I never felt unsafe.  The hospital is incredibly secure, and once you're in the garage you can take the bridge right across to the building so you never have to go back out to street level.  Security in the hospital is fantastic, DH dropped me right at the door when I was in labor, I got checked in, and you can't get to maternity without going through the main desk.  Our room was not fancy and new like Family Beginnings, but it was clean enough and well stocked with goodies, and again, omg the food.  Most people complain about the hospital food, but I've heard from other moms as well that deliver there, the food is fantastic.  There was no reason to worry about trying to get food from other places.  I will deliver there again given the opportunity.

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  • I switched to Dr Horlacher with my pregnancy with DS, half way through.  I love him and his practice (Dr Woods and Dr Kidd).  I just delivered my second baby 2 days ago on Monday.  I will stay with him for my 3rd (hopefully).  I would just go schedule an appointment with him and see how you feel about him.  I love, love, love him as a doctor and will not look elsewhere.  Everyone likes something different though, he (and the other 2) where just what I was looking for.
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  • Thank you so much for the feedback!  My primary concern with MVH is the location.  I am glad you all had such positive experiences there with Dr. Horlacher.  I really appreciate your help!
  • I know I am late in my post but I was with Dr. Horlacher's practice when I had my son at MVH I actually had Dr. Wood who is partners with Dr. Horlacher and I must say I love them! MVH  was great as well. Very secure floor where your baby has a security tag on at all times, so if he/she even gets close to the exits or elevator the alarms go off. The nurses were great and the lactation consultants were great as well. Dr. Wood was awesome. He actually came to the hospital and slept in the on call room waiting for me to be ready to deliver. I later found out I was his only patient that night but he came in just for me. He let me know my options throughout labor and after 24 hrs my LO made no progress but he told me if I wanted to keep going I could, in the long run my sons heart rate dropped and he had to do a c-section. You';ll be in good hands if you go with his practice : )
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