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if you work out in your home

I started doing exercise videos, and I've been doing them barefoot in my living room, but my feet and ankles are getting sore.  I don't have any shoes that are clean enough to wear in the house, so should I buy a brand new pair?  If you work out in your home, especially in your living room, what footwear do you wear?  I suppose I could wash my running shoes, but will have the same problem in a couple months when it gets nicer outside. 
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Re: if you work out in your home

  • I work out in my sneakers.  I just got them earlier this month and wear them out every once in a while.
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  • You should always wear proper shoes when exercising (unless doing yoga.)  I wear my cross trainers when I am working out in my house.  Also, I NEVER wear my work out shoes (runners or cross trainers) outside of the activity they were purchased for.  I have street shoes that I use for everyday activities. This will increase the time you will be able to use them, as many shoes should be switched out based on mileage or time used.
  • Cross trainers would work best.  Buy a pair and use them for in house only


  • You should always wear proper footwear when exercising, even if it's in your house. Cross trainers are your best bet. 
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  • I don't do videos anymore, but when I did I had a separate pair of shoes I used that were inside only.
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  • Definitely wear shoes. I almost always use my pair inside, but when I do wear them to run outside, I wash them immediately.
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  • I work out on a yoga mat, and it really seems to absorb the shock and be quite comfortable. I bought my yoga mat online (pink =) ) and it wasn't expensive at all.
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