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if you have a BOB and use a car seat adapter

I figured we'd get a BOB Duallie (have the single now) and get a car seat adapter.  I just saw they are only compatible with certain car seats.  Does it really matter?  We have a Baby Trend car seat
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Re: if you have a BOB and use a car seat adapter

  • I am assuming since they suggest the car seats for the adapter that you would want to use one of those. Meaning: Its only made to adapt with those car seats.

  • We have the BOB Ironman and used a car seat other than those that are considered compatible. There are two bars on the adapter - a main support bar and an accessory bar. The accessory bar is actually meant to be removed if you use the adapter as a snack tray (stroller includes directions on how to remove this bar). If you remove this accessory bar and recline the seat fully your carseat will just rest on the seat and be supported by the main bar. You then secure the carseat with the red safety belt (which is what you use to secure the car seat if using one of the compatible car seats as well).
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