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Muscle Milk Light

I haven't been into eating meat lately and got some of these protein shakes from Costco. Are they safe? It was an impulse purchase...

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  • I asked my Dr when I got pregnant and she said she wouldn't recommend it because of the ingredients list. She said its much safer to increase protein through food sources like beans, greek yogurt, etc.  Good luck!
  • muscle milk has a lot of fat! I would not reccomend in a workout routine, especially during pregnancy!
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  • I was told the MML shakes (and NOT the powder) were OK in moderation..the light ones are not high in fat
  • Brought it to my appointment and my doctor said it was okay. I already eat greek yogurt for breakfast every morning. I have been tryin got incorporate more eggs. I've found that I tolerate poached eggs the best (in the microwave). Fried eggs freak me out sometimes, LOL!

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