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For those who workout in your 2nd and 3rd trimester

What workouts do you do, how many days a week and for how many minutes? 

Re: For those who workout in your 2nd and 3rd trimester

  • I'm not pregnant anymore, but I exercised until the bitter end for all of my pregnancies.    I did mostly pilates and belly dance daily (as well as chasing children).    I'm not sure of how many minutes a day, but I'd guess around on average an hour or so of activity.    For pilates, I did a bit of modification, but not much.   I mostly went with how I felt and took frequent breaks for the ab stuff.    For belly dance, I didn't do very many shimmies......
  • When pg with the twins, I mostly walked and biked in the 2nd and 3rd tri. I swam occasion and lifted light free weights about 3 xs a week.

    While pg with my singleton, I exercised 6-7 days a week about 30-60 min. and at various levels. I took a class called Body Pump and just modified it when doing chest work or floor work (2-3 xs/wk). I ran up until about 27 weeks (jogged at a slower pace) and then mostly stuck with the elliptical (on level 7-9) until delivery.

    I just made sure to check in with my OB about my exercise and made sure to listen to my body.


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  • Until I was put on bedrest due to preterm labour at 33 weeks I would swim, take spin, do yoga and lift weights about 4 days a week for 1hr. I also walked every day and walked the stairs at work at least 10 times a day.  I am of bedrest tomorrow and I intend to go back to swimming and yoga until delivery.
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  • I am at the end of the second tri... I walk nearly every day on the treadmill at my condo for 35 mins, do one of the prenatal fitness or yoga dvds 2x per week, and attend a prenatal yoga class every week... so I feel pretty in shape. that being said, I have still gained 23 pounds by week 26!
  • When I was pregnant with DS, I worked out 5-6 days of week for 45-60 minutes up until the day I delivered.  I did spin classes, pilates, kickboxing and occasionally used the elliptical. 
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  • I am in my 2nd tri and during the week, most days I walk 1/2 hour treadmill or do one of my DVDs (Summer Sanders Prenatal workout or Happy Baby Prenatal Yoga) which run about 45 min.  On the weekends, I try to do the gym in the morning and one of the DVDs later in the day.
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  • I exercised 5-6 days a week during my pregnancy.  I am a long distanced runner, so I continued to run until about 37 weeks.  I also did the elliptical and water aerobics.  At the end, I mostly went walking, used the elliptical, and worked out with a prenatal pilates DVD at home.  I went to the gym the day before my water broke and then went walking the morning that DD was born.  (She was actually born on her due date)!
  • 6 days a week for 60 - 90 minutes. I was very active before pregnancy.

    The pregnancy workouts were a mix of running, group classes (aerobics, water aerobic,etc.) strength training, walking, and yoga to help me sleep.  


  • I am running anywhere from 30-40 miles per week with a weekend long run.  This past weekends long run was 16 miles on a trail.  I am also adding 2-3 x's per week of strength training (i.e. core work, push ups, lifitng weights) and I do yoga on Friday mornings.
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  • I am a group fitness instructor.  At the time I was pregnant with DS, I taught 4-6 classes per week (until I was 41 weeks pregnant). . . Bodypump, Bodycombat, and TRX.

    I also did some of my own light workouts (elliptical) a few times a week.

    When I was pg with DD, I had a desk job, but I still worked out every day.

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  • I am very early in my 2nd trimester but I am doing weights (30mins) 2x/week, cardio 1x -but would like to increase to 2x soon- (30 mins),  and prenatal yoga 1x a week.
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  • I got put on reduced activity at 24 weeks. Before that, I was doing fast walks for 35-40 minutes and upper body weights at home, and occasionally doing the bike and elliptical at the gym.
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  • I am a 4th grade teacher so I am on my feet for most of the day anyway.  I go to zumba 3-4x a week and class is an hour.  I intend to go as long as they tell me I can.  Of course if something feels off, I slow down or stop.  I make sure to take breaks to hydrate and don't push it toooooo hard. 
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  • I ran 2 miles a day every day.  And in the evening I'd go to the gym for about 30-40 minutes and either pick up some extra miles or do some strength training.
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  • I spin once a week (50 min), lift weights 2-3 times a week (35 minute sessions), and mix in elliptical and/or treadmill (anywhere from 30-45 min sessions).

    I am a runner, but I gave that up around 20 weeks because it just didn't feel good to me anymore! 

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  • First tri I was running about 20-25 mpw.

    Around 22 weeks, I stopped runnign because it was starting to cause too much pain and pressure. At 23 weeks, my MFM told me only walking or swimming from now on.

    So now I am walking 40-50 minutes at an incline about 3-4x a week. I sometimes have to take a day off between even walking because I still get some pain in my pelvic area. I am lifting about 2x per week, but not as heavy as I used to. 

    I envisioned running until the bitter end, but twins made things a little more complicated.

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  • I walk/run 3-4 times a week for anywhere between 3-5 miles each time. I will start off my walk for 10 min then run .50 miles then switch and walk .50 miles and alternate. I was running much more consistently up until 20 weeks but breathing has become hard so the walk/run works good for me. Mind you I was an avid runner pre-pregnancy and ran a half marathon at 8 weeks. I will also pop in my Gillian ripped in 30 DVD and do the cardio/arm workout portions only a few times a week -- skipping the abs.

  • I workout 5-6 days a week. Anywhere from 30-60 minutes. I spin, yoga, Summer Sanders DVD, eliptical, light weights, Tracey Anderson DVDs but I modify some moves and no abs.
  • For my first pregnancy I worked out until I went to the hospital at 41w3d.  Here is what my schedule was:

     Run 5 days a week, cross train one day a week.  For my runs, I would run anywhere from 3 miles to 6 miles and my runs would last from about 30 minutes to over an hour.  From about 37 weeks on, the longest I ran was 45 minutes and did about 4 miles (I was SO SLOW!).  My cross training ususally consisted of elliptical for 30 minutes followed by weight lifting.  I also did prenatal yoga but I don't count that as working out. 

    This pregnancy has been about the same.  I try to stick to this schedule:

    M: off

    T: Run 4 miles

    W: Cross train (30 minutes on the elliptical and weightlifting)

    Thurs: Run 5

    Fri: Run 4

    Sat: Run 6

    Sun: Run 6

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  • image Mrs.MLR04:
    When I was pregnant with DS, I worked out 5-6 days of week for 45-60 minutes up until the day I delivered.  I did spin classes, pilates, kickboxing and occasionally used the elliptical. 

    Ditto! I did get a heart rate monitor this time.  After my 1st pregnancy, I lost all of my weight in 4 days after my daughter was born.   

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  • I'm in my third trimester and I've been walking and taking prenatal piyo and yoga classes.  There was a time in which I was swimming more instead of walking due to more ligament pains and such, and it was easier on my joints...   (I'm on my feet all day at work too)  I"m guessing that there is a decent chance that I may be back to swimming again before I have this baby, but lately I've been able to walk more again..  on most days..
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  • i ran 4-5 days a week until the end and also swam 3x/week. my workouts were usually 30 minutes.
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  • I'm still working out! I lift with a trainer once a week for an hour and lift twice on my own (and I don't really restrict myself weight-wise--I lift as heavy as I feel up to). I also try to sneak in a cardio session or two. 

    Still feeling good working out and hope to do it until my scheduled C-section in 2.5 weeks.  

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  • Are you a Les Mills instructor? Before getting pregnant I was very active and loved Body Pump, Body Step and Body Combat. I wasn't able to workout the first few weeks because of complications but my doctor has now given me the okay so I'm trying to get back into it. I've taken Body Pump a few times but I'm a little scared to jump back into the cardio classes even though my doctor has given me the okay. Are there any modifications I need to make in Step or Combat besides sticking with the low impact moves?

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