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"Teaching" Preschool at home..

My DD has been in a daycare facility for a couple years now and she just started this past September in the Pre-School class.  She does like to go and is learning alot, however, she has a weak immune system and she just keeps getting sick.  She was in the ER at 3 months with RSV and bronchiolitis and ever since then, if she gets the slightest sniffle/cold, it goes right to her chest and she's got to be on a nebulizer/inhalers.  Just this past week there was a terrible stomach virus going through her school which she got (before the school decided to inform parents about it) and we ended up in the ER for IV because she was vomiting so much she got dehydrated. She had it for about 6 days (even though the rest of the family ended up getting it but we each only had it 23-48 hours).  She now has a cold again with coughing and a ton of phlegm (which she's had since her last cold Dec. 23rd).  I think I really just need to take her out of school until she starts Pre-K in the fall.  I think she just needs a chance for her body to recoop from all of these illnesses.  But I do want her to keep learning at home with me with the ABC's and all the things she'd be learning in pre-school.  Are there any websites I can find work sheets or any info on what she would be learning weekly in pre-school?  Thanks.

Re: "Teaching" Preschool at home..

  • Google it- there is more than you could ever imagine.  I prefer to pick up work books at Staples or Office Max because DD likes the sense of accomplishment of working through a book.  You could google preschool curriculum, milestones, reports cards, progress reports to get an idea of what you can cover with her, but she'll show you what she's capable of and ready for.  Don't stress too much about academics.  Preschool is about learning to listen to a teacher, get along with other kids and function in a classroom.  I think you're making the right choice to pull her so her little body can heal and grow a little.  You can't make up the socialization she's getting in preschool (even with structured activities like Little Gym), but she'll get it in the fall, and if she's spending more than 50% of the time sick like it sounds it's not worth it.  
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