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Infantino Carriers vs. Ergo???

My DH and I were finishing off our registry last night, and I got huge sticker shock when looking at the Ergo carriers.  I'm now looking into the Infantino... I know that there was a recent post about how the Ergos are better for baby's legs and hips- does anyone have any thoughts regarding any of these following carriers? 
Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carriers

Infantino Flip

or the Infantino Balance Baby carrier?   

Any help would be appreciated.  My husband and I enjoy taking day trips and traveling a bit so we want something that would be comfortable for both of us, and baby!  
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Re: Infantino Carriers vs. Ergo???

  • I would pass on the Flip, it doesn't look much better for baby than your typical crotch-dangler.  I don't have any experience with either, but the Sash and Balance look fine.  If it's something you want to use a lot and you can swing it, I think it's worth investing in something nicer like an Ergo, Beco, or Boba, but I know that's not an option for everyone.  If you'd rather not do that, I think the Sash or theBalance is a good starting point and you can always return it and upgrade later if it's not working out.
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  • I can only speak for the Beco as we have a Beco Butterfly 2.  Keep your eyes out for sales on that one.  My stepmom got it for us for $100.  Recently I saw it on sale for only $70.  We really love it!
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  • I'm a Lilebaby girl. It's a shame they don't advertise more because I did a ton of research and I think they are better than any of the other brands with comfort, options and fit. They also run about $100...
  • I checked out the Infantino Mei-tai the last time I was in BRU.....The price was right, but I wasn't terribly impressed with quality/structure.  I wound up going with a Freehand Mei-tai.... When I got it I tried my almost at weight limit 3 yr old in a back carry with it... Even very PG, it was super comfy and sturdy feeling.  I probably wouldn't have tried that in the Infantino Mei-tai.... You could get a Freehand Mei-tai for 59.99 at if you don't mind that it is plain black or plain brown.....
  • I know the Ergo is expensive - but in the almost 17m of DD's life so far, we've used it plenty to make it worth the price.  I would never get an Infantino.
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  • Keep your eye out on I have seen the Ergo on there every once in awhile and you can snag one from around $60!
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  • I used a lot of different carriers...turns out my LO hated them all except the Ergo. So we made the splurge because I didn't want to buy something cheaper that would never get used. You could always borrow some different ones from friends after LO arrives and see which one works out best before purchasing.
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  • DS is 7 months old and I can count on one hand the number of times I've used the stroller in my car.  If I had to choose, the Ergo was very much worth the money.  I found it much easier to take him into a store in the Ergo than it was with a stroller.  He HATED the infant car seat, so carrying that into a store was not a good option.

    I think you also have to look at how you plan to parent.  If you would rather carry/hold your baby than have LO be held by a car seat, stroller, etc., then investing in a good carrier is well worth the money.  I knew I would be more of a carry my baby type person, so the extra money for a good carrier was a no brainer for me.  In my area, there's a natural parenting store that will allow you to try on all of the various carriers to see which one is a good fit for your body type.

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