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Husband's role

Well, we are on cycle 11 of trying.  This is our first cycle with a RE. They are just tracking us this month and doing progesterone suppositories.  We've been told to have sex 3 nights in a row.  By the third night, my husband has a really hard time "finishing" and sometimes when we try to have sex this often he isn't able to at all.  Does anyone else experience this?  It's so hard to stay positive when we aren't able to follow through on doctor's orders.  I know it's a lot of pressure on him too, though!  So far we haven't gotten a diagnosis of the problem... SA is normal, progesterone normal, HSG normal. Do yall think it's normal for him to have a hard time?
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  • We have the same issue. I am also in the 2ww of my 11th month, and this is our first full month with the RE. We have gotten an STP, blood work, post-coital, ultra sounds, and I've had all of my hormone levels checked. All is well. We tried having sex three nights in a row, and the third night he just could not finish. Sperm can live anywhere from 12 hours to 5 days in a perfect environment, but up to 3 days is average, so I think if you got those first 2 nights in and they were at least within O-2/O-1, you're good to go!!! Try not to pressure it. I know you are doing your "homework" (as we call it) but you're also emotional beings, and that will definitely affect all parts of this process. Just know you are not alone in any of it!! Hang in there; the girls on this board are so loving and helpful, and knowledgeable about all of this!!!

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  • I have the opposite problem. We have MFI and my husband wants to do it ALL THE TIME! He never has a problem finishing, but he does have a problem producing soldiers. My dr. wants us to do it every other day because of this and DH has a hard time with that. It's like he can't think straight!

    Maybe try every other day leading up to O.

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  • A similar thing happened to us this cycle too.  DH gave the sample for the IUI and the doctor told us to go home and have sex each night.  We managed that night, but the next night he couldn't finish.  I think it's a lot of pressure on them.  Every other night is what my doctor usually recommends, and that's a lot more doable. 


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