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Vigorous exercise while TTC

I am currently a competitive boxer with a vigorous training schedule 6 days a week. I don't plan on actively TTC until after my next fight in March. Obviously once I am trying I will plan on no heavy sparring between ovulation and AF or BFP with absolutely no punches allowed to my midsection during that time. However, I would like to continue with a pretty intense workout schedule while I'm TTC until I become pregnant, since my intention is to continue competing until then.

 I'd love to hear from other women who led a very active/intense workout regimen while TTC and what your experience was! 

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  • I was training for my 4th marathon of the year when we got a surprise. I was running 40 miles per week, strength training, and cross training. The weekend before we found out, I had gone for a 20 mile run and felt off. The day before we found out, I ran a 5k, and couldn't recover like normal.  I thought I should go to the doctor because something was wrong. Turns out I was 6.5 weeks pregnant. 

    GL to you! 

  • I am a martial artist and was prepping for my next rank test while TTC.  I would train at the studio two hours a day, three days a week, plus at home in addition to that.  I had been doing Martial Arts for 3 years at that point, and my test was going to be intense.  I found out I was pregnant on Monday, 45 minutes before my martial arts class.  Since I was due to be testing soon, and they never let us know when the test will happen (you just show up one day and test) I had to go to class.  I told the instructors on Monday my good news so that no one would kick or punch at my stomach.  I had the pregnancy confirmed by the doctor on Tuesday, and went to Class on Wednesday, told the rest of the class, and tested.  They did go a bit easier on me for that test since I was BFP, but compensated by being more meticulous. 

    I was able to continue training through my entire pregnancy.  My last class was on a Wednesday and DS was born on Saturday.  I was in the hospital, rather than in class. 

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  • I'm a dvd workout queen around here with a pretty intense schedule, as well as a full time job and second job (bartending which is pretty physically intense at times).  We weren't actively trying but we weren't trying to prevent either.  I got pregnant with no problem what so ever, which in and of itself is quite a shock seeing as we *all* thought it was going to take some time and intervention.  I have fallen off the workout wagon a bit over the past week but am gearing back up to hit it again starting today.  It wasn't baby related that made me slack off, just a super busy schedule for the last week and a half that made sleep more important than working out.
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  • I am a classically trained dancer turned fitness fanatic.  The first 8 months I was TTC, I was doing Pilates, Zumba, or running every day (and had been working out every day since my adolescence.). I am anemic and have a low BMI, so I wasn't ovulating or menstruating regularly.  My doctor recommended I try to cut back on my workouts, and a few months after reducing to 3-4 a week, I got a BFP.  You may want to consult your doctor, as well.  Good luck!
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  • Thank you ladies! It's great to hear about others who can maintain a good intense workout schedule and still conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. I know a lot of people are mis-informed or going off of information that was accepted back 20-30+ years ago when exercising while prego or ttc is a no-no. I know that's not really the case, but sometimes when I get a lecture from people of this mindset it makes me doubt, ya know? I appreciate the feedback! 
  • I was training for a 10 mile race the month we conceived. I was running 25-30 miles per week with a lot of intense speed work. I ran the race the day I got my BFP.
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  • I just always think of that woman who just ran one of the elite marathons this year and gave birth like later that day... I've always heard if you're already very fit, it's fine to continue a fairly rigorous workout routine.
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