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Ft. Belvoir---Not a good first impression

Went for our first U/S yesterday. The midwife I saw was HORRIBLE..will not go back to her..I am a nurse but I am NOT an OB nurse..so treat me like I don't know anything, which I don't when it comes to OB stuff. Midwife didn't explain anything on the U/S to us..heard the heartbeat all of 2 seconds then we realized that is what it was..my husband asked if we could hear it again and she acted frustrated cause she had to find the heart again..Then he asked her..is that his heart I see...she just said yes and quickly zoomed over to each ovary. Also, she didn't tell us what the heart rate was..everything was so fast and overwhelming to see baby for first time that my  mind just couldn't keep up....We did ask the nurse afterwards to ask her and she told us oh..in the 150's... So I am very disappoint with the lack of compassion and connectivity this provider gave towards us first time parents...I will not be seeing her again..On a brighter note..Baby is HEALTHY and kicking. If I can figure out how to insert an image I will..I have scheduled my next appt. with someone else and when I get that letter in the mail asking to do the survery on my visit..I will be reporting this..there were a couple other inapproiate actions i need to report..like leaving me exposed and staring at my vagina after the ultrasound was over..really? I took it upon myself after a minute to cover myself up and sit up while she kept talking to me starring at my vagina.

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Re: Ft. Belvoir---Not a good first impression

  • I am so sorry to hear this. I know that especially with your first LO that first chance of hearing and seeing your baby should be meaningful. FYI babies r us have the units you can buy to listen to your baby's heartbeat on your own at home. I wish your visit could have been better.
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  • I would be livid! I like Tricare Standard.....you can go wherever you want :)
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  • We live on Ft Belvoir and I'll be having my first appointment in a couple weeks.  But one of my best friends gave me the tip to request Dr. Casiano as my PCM.  He isn't an OB specifically, but he sees his patients if they are prego and even delivers.  She has been nothing but happy with him.  He gave her his cell number if she has any problems for her to use.  I don't know if it is too late or if you'd be comfortable switching, but he comes with high recommendations! I haven't seen him yet but I'll let you know in a week and a half! :)

    Good luck and keep in touch....We just PCSed here not too long ago and I'd love to meet some ladies around!

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