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Weight Loss/Exercise after Baby #2

Anyone have any advice on how to fit in exercise?  Going to be difficult with two kids...especially since my husband works shift work and isn't available to watch the kiddos for 4-5 days at a time...
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Re: Weight Loss/Exercise after Baby #2

  • The only time I have found is at night after the kids are both asleep. I run on the treadmill or do dvd workouts. The morning doesn't work bc I just can't get awake after the night feedings. And naptime is out of the question bc I nap too:)
  • DH is active duty military so he is gone all the time so there isn't anyone here to watch our kids and with me being in the reserves I needed to get in shape. After I got cleared from my doctor I signed up at a local gym that provides child care. In the past few weeks I have found it to be worth the investment for me. Maybe you could look into something similar if you want to go that route.

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  • I work at a gym, but the gym childcare has been great for both my kids.  I also like to run outside with them in a stroller.

    I recently joined a CrossFit gym that is very kid-friendly so they come there with me, too.

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  • I either take the kids to the gym with me, or when dd is sleeping I do a quick video like 30 day shred and I let ds "work out" with me.  I get him soup cans and his own yoga mat.  He especially likes to take breaks to get me water from the fridge.  I actually workout more after baby #2 then I ever did with baby #1!
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  • Dh and I work out together after the kids go to bed.  Sometimes work out earlier and DD will work out with us and DS plays in the floor.
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  • A gym with childcare has been the best thing for my weight loss. My DH is also military and I work full time so being able to go after work 3x a week and drop DD at the childcare for an hour has been awesome. And as PP said, worth the investment.

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