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Question re: Dilation

I went for my 39 week appointment and had an internal exam. She said that from the opening I am 4 cm dilated but on the inside I am more like 1-2 cm. What does that mean? Anyone else told something similar?

I had a membrane sweep done and she said that she didn't think it would be too long before the baby arrives. My first daughter was born 4 days after her due date so fingers crossed this baby is the same if not quicker! 

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Re: Question re: Dilation

  • I'm just going to speculate, because I never had it happen, but did she say how effaced you were?  If your cervix is still thick, could it be opening in more of a cone shape than just a circle?  I have seen other women reference the different dilations at the same time, not sure which board, but it might not be too uncommon.
  • It's the difference between the bottom of your cervix (closest to the outside) and the top (closest to baby). The whole cervix doesn't dilate at the same rate.
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  • Is it bad that I'm a woman, but I still googled a diagram of the cervix so I could see what pp-er meant? lol oh and this is baby #3 - Learned my new thing for the day!
  • I'd never heard of a difference between this (my second) either.  My doc explained that it's the upper (smaller) measurement that matters.
  • I'm 36 weeks today and was in the hospital last night for contractions and I have the same thing. The front is dilated to a 3 and the back (by baby's head) is still a 1 and 50% effaced. Dr says it doesn't mean anything until the back gives way.
  • Dr also says he sees it happen a lot in 2nd 3rd 4th etc pregnancies
  • I'm not sure why they even mentioned it. The inner os is the one they go by. So you're 1-2.


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