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Do you give the hostess their hostess gift AT the shower or afterwards sometime?

I just ordered the 2 gifts I need and was wondering if I should go ahead and have the thank you cards written and the gifts ready to go the day of the shower and give them their gifts when the shower is over or at another time... 


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Re: Hostess Gift

  • I would do it at the end of the shower as you help clean up. That way it's a little more personal, but still the day of. 

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  • Personally, I'd give it before the shower.  Obviously you will be arriving before any of the guests so you would have time with your hostess(es) alone.  If you wait until after there will most likely always be those guests that linger and seem like they are never going to leave.  Besides, it's not like you are staying for the clean-up.  Once your gifts are put in your vehicle I'd make the get-away.
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  • I gave mine after the shower- I took my hostesses to lunch and it was nice to treat them

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  • I gave mine out during my showers, right before I opened presents.  I wanted to recognize my hostesses in front of the crowd.  I don't think there is any "wrong" time to do it.
  • I think it's a private thing. Do it after.
  • My bestfriend gave me one before the shower it was also for my mom and I let her keep it since i was taking the train home with my baby and didnt want to bring a plant with me. 
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