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yes - she did. she advised that she gave it to her kids and doesnt see a problem with the vaccine. in fact she said she delayed the hepatitis b shot that they got on their 6 months to add the flu shot and booster. she recommended i do this with mady.

you know lately ive noticed that dr villar goes 100 mph at our visits. shes thorough which i like, and already knows madelyn, which i like also. but im beginning to aim at dr hila gilberd b/c she's so much more calm and patient.

what do you think?



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Re: sam

  • I find it interesting that Dr. Villar didn't fight me on the flu shot. As soon as I told her I wan't sure about it she didn't even push it further with me. You've gotta do what YOU feel comfortable for your child though. If you want to get her the flu shot then you do that. Use the doctors as a sounding board but ultimately you call the shots, no pun intended. LOL

    I couldn't agree with you more that Dr. Villar moves at 100mph. She knows me and Mikey very well especially because of his torticollis. One day we were in there for his pink eye and she saw us coming out of a room and asked how he was doing (obviously couldn't get an appt with her) so its nice to see her KNOW us. But yeah it is nice to have a doc that is more calm and patient. I think part of her problem is that for some reason she always tends to get to the office late which of course throws off all of her appointments, so she's constantly playing catch up.

  • so who are you seeing lately? what dr do u usually have mikey see?

    the only one i trust after villar is dr hila gilberd (not that i dont trust the others, but i like her the best)

    and they both have diff opinions on starting mady on solids like chicken/turkey/veal. dr villar says to wait a month, dr gilberd says we can start now.

     when did you start mikey on stage 2 solids? right now mady's schedule looks like this:

    breakfast - 2.5 tbspoons of oatmeal mixed with half 1st stage fruit

    lunch - 1 vege 1st stage & 1 fruit 1st stage

    dinner - 1 vege 1st stage & 1 fruit 1st stage

    (of course include the ff and water intake)

     i just dont know when to start stage 2....i was gonna ask that this saturday

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  • For his Well Baby Visits I always book with Villar. But if he gets sick and I can't get in with her I'll go to anyone but Dr. Reyes. I DO NOT like him!

    I started Mikey on stage 2 at 7 months when Dr. Villar told me it was ok to start him on meats. By then we were ready to start meats too because he was through all of his fruits and veggies and doing well with them so it was time to spice things up. 

    If Mady is eating all of her food just fine you can easily go up to stage 2 and see how she does. Start with the foods she has had already and see if she'll finish them. Then start introducing the mixe (Beechnut had the best mixes in my opinion). 

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