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We are traveling to Disney World in April.  My daughter will be almost 4 at the time and I wanted to see if any of you have recommendations or events/dinners/reservations that we MUST do.  I have already reserved dinner with the princesses at Cinderella's Royal Table.  Thank you so much for any suggestions!!! 
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Re: Disney recommendations

  • Definately, character meals - pick which ever ones dd likes best.  I do love O'hana but don't think it is a must.  Check out and see what rides have fast pass and go there first.  Animal Kingdom is great there is "The Big Dig"  which is a huge play ground for running off some energy.  There is a train in AK out to somebody's recycling world or something - I didn't think that was worth it to go out there.  Don't plan on doing a lot of 3D / 4D shows unless or until your sure your DD likes them.  If she does they are a great way to get inside.  I think that Magic Kingdon and Animal Kingdom are the most fun for kids. 

    If you have days when yoy are not going to the parks.  Downtown Disney is fun - boats to ride, legoland to play in.  It is also fun to ride the monerail. 

    Have a great time! 



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  • Thank you!
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  • We are a Disney family (me by marriage...ha ha). We just returned from my daughters 3rd trip. She'll be 3 in Feb, so a little bit younger than your daughter, but she always loves Crystal Palace. It's one of the character buffets. The food is really pretty good and she loves Pooh & Friends. If you are staying on Disney property, I highly suggest Disney dining plan in which case you can get your character meals for 'free'. You just need to make sure you book them because they will fill up. 

    I also suggest getting fast passes to meet the princesses in Magic Kingdom. We've always done FPs there and it's nice for her to just get to walk in since there will still be somewhat of a wait once you are inside the room where they meet the princesses.

    My daughter, as well as husband and the older kids, love Toy Story Mania in Hollywood Studios, if you are going to ride that, get FP as soon as you get to the park because that ride, during peak seasons, can have 90-120 minute waits. Speaking of rides, anything you and your husband may want to ride that she can't or won't want to ride, make sure you get a parent swap pass for, that way one of you can ride and then the other can get right back in line.

     'Ohana is okay. My husband loves it. I'm not a huge meat eater, so for me is only so-so food wise. It is a family friendly restaurant though. The kids can get up and participate in dancing around the restaurant, playing instruments, etc. 

    My biggest suggestion might be to pre purchase a Photo Pass CD. All throughout the parks you can have your picture taken at the Photo Pass stops. They photos usually turn out really well. For like $99 you can pre purchase a CD of all your images. If you go in knowing that you have bought the CD, you can and should stop at any and all locations since the more photos you end up taking the better. Keep in mind PP photographers are stationed all throughout the parks during the day and night, but they are also set up at many of the character meet and greets. You can take your own photos at all those places too and their photographers will use your camera to take photos, but their photos, especially nighttime Magic Kingdom photos always turn out wonderfully.

    One final thing is if your daughter is really into the princess thing, she might enjoy the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. It's really not all that expensive (considering) if you aren't purchasing an outfit too. You could always make it part of a present or a surprise, perhaps grandparents want to gift it to her, etc.

    Have a fantastic time. All four of our kids and my husband adore Disney.  

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  • Definately work the Fast Passes. Every 'section' of the park usually has one big ride that does the Fast Pass. Someone in your party can hit that and get FPs for all of you to return whenever the window allows. It makes it much easier to hit the small lines/rides and then walk-through the big ones. If you have a "must-do" ride, then go to that section first, sometimes they run-out of FPs and the line waits are a killer.

    I highly recommend an early arrival and then an afternoon departure for a nap and swim at the hotel. Come back at 8 pm for the the electric light parade on Main Street and then walk-up and get in position for the Lazor Light show ON DISNEY CASTLE. I can't even describe the amazing-ness of it + fire works. Do it at least one night. You won't believe it.

    Downtown Disney does not require a park ticket (obviously) but has a great Lego Land and lots of restaurants, shops and icecream. It makes a great "down" day/night. If you are there for a few days try to plan at least one full day in the middle where you just hang by the pool and relax. All of the parks can be exhausting.  

    DD really loved Animal Kingdom. It was very different than WDW in a good way for toddlers. Lots of shows and a really easy pace to walk around and explore. DH and I really thought it was a perfect park for a LO. It also seemed less crowded. DH and I took turns on the big roller coasters ad it didn't take long to wait at all (especially with Fast Pass). They close early, so go early. I really love the park.

    My darling daughter just turned 4 years old.
  • We are also going to Disney in April.  This will be our second time visiting.  Last time, we went to MK and AK (which was my favorite).  DD loved Magic Kingdom. She enjoyed touring Minnie's house and at the end we were lucky enough to catch both Minnie and Mickey at the Judge's Tent right next door.  We even took pictures with them which she LOVED.  We also did the "It's A Small World" ride.  Animal Kingdom was nice, too but I don't think she enjoyed it as much as her father and I did.  We thought the live animals on the safari would be a hit since she likes the zoo but it just didn't translate over too well.  She liked it but her eyes didn't "light up" there the way they did at MK.  This time we're bringing her to the Disney Studios.  All of her favorite Disney Junior characters are there (Jake, MM Clubhouse, Handy Manny, etc.)  so it should be a blast!  Hope y'all have a wonderful time! 
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  • We just took DD, age 3.5, to MK and AK for the first time 2 weeks ago. We live close by so just did MK in a day and then a week later did AK.

    AK was not nearly as fun for DD as MK was. Sure, she had a good time but she couldn't go on over 1/2 the rides because she isn't tall enough. I think this park is geared towards a little older children. There were lots of GREAT shows so we got a lot of "down time". Show up 30 mins before the show to wait and then the shows are 30-45mins each. She also like the Safari and the flying dino's.

    We are going to try HS next so I don't know a whole lot about it. Epcot doesn't have anything for kids this young and I wouldn't spend the money or time until they are much much older.

    MK was wonderful!! I am not a Disney lover by any means....I don't usually enjoy much. Heat, crowds, cranky kids everywhere. Just not a good time to me at ALL. This year DD (and DH) really wanted to go so I decided to suck it up and go for them. I've never been in the off season before and it was MAGICAL!! We didn't wait in line for more than 10-15 mins and the crowds were pretty light. I will NEVER again do this any other time of year. I would recommend doing lots of research on the crowd levels for the times you are looking to go and if you can, base your trip around that. It is just torture to stand in 90 degree heat with 85% humidity shoulder to shoulder with other stinky people and their (and your own) screaming kids.

  • Thank you all so much for the great advice!
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  • We have passes and are there often, so my advice isn't the same as others who are traveling great distances and packing things in over a short period of time. 

    I know one of the above posters said not to go to Epcot, but I disagree, DS loves Epcot.  His favorite ride in all of WDW is the "Donald Duck boat ride" in Mexico.  He also love the Living Seas exhibit, which is all Nemo'd out.  He also loves to walk around the different countries.  And they have a great train area in Germany that fascinates him for long periods of time. I didn't see when you're going, but if its during Flower and Garden show, they have awesome play areas they set up just for that time of year.

    We have done the Crystal Palace in MK for DS' birthday the past 2 years and will be doing it again this year.  They have Pooh characters and really good food.  I also love the Garden Grille in The Land in Epcot for character dining as well. 

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  • SFL. We are going in March and I'm trying to keep track of what we want to do.
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  • Also SFL as we're going in a few weeks.  We are doing the character meal with the Princesses at the Castle and the Boutique for DD (and a bunch of other stuff of course).   I can't wait! 
  • our dd loved the tea cups, soarin, all the shows--lion king, nemo, beauty/beast etc.   basically all of it!!!   so glad we went for the awe factor at that age!    tusker house b-fast was yummy and fun
  • sfl.  We are planning a trip for December of this year.  We will definitely be doing Cinderella's Royal Table.  Also pretty sure we will do a breakfast at Chef Mickey's.  Other think I might book is the Wishes Dessert part at the Tomorrowland Terrance.  I like the idea of watching the fireworks without being packed into a crowd.  DH though can't stand an overly planned trip so I don't want to book too many advanced reservations.  Our plan is to go to Magic Kingdom 1 day, Epcot 1 day and Animal Kingdom 1 day.  We are planning to skip Hollywood Studios.  We also have 1 open day when I think I will take DD to Chef Mickey's and my DH has his eye on this exotic driving experience at the Disney race track.

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