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Happy thread! Its a.......??

Girl! :) 

 My family is as excited as am I! Seeing the little one kick and move all over the place was such an incredible experience. I can't believe she's growing inside of me. As time goes on I find myself getting more and more attached even though I still have moments where I don't feel so happy being pregnant and single (ie. when my coworker at my new job asked me, " you're having a baby?...but i thought you weren't married?". 

 Part of me wonders if this is something that I should tell the father (baby's sex). However, he hasn't gotten in touch with me since the only contact he made several months ago ( believe he's waiting for me to respond). Therefore, I figured I'd just enjoy this moment with my family.  Slowly... this whole doing this on my own thing has made me stronger and stronger. 

Hope everyone is having a great evening! 

Re: Happy thread! Its a.......??

  • YAY!!! Congrats on having a girl!!! It's the greatest thing in the world. In just a few short months you will meet your best friend. Being a single mom myself (I left my ex when I was 4 months pregnant) I am soo happy that I had a girl. I don't think you need to tell him anything. Just enjoy your moments and time!!!
  • I don't post often. However, congrats! Girls are so much fun!
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  • Congrats! I defnitely agree with PP's... girls are so fun!
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  • Congrats! I love my Sunshine. The last 16 years have been a blast. 

    I told her father I was having a girl an he didn't believe me. Weirdo. And, I told this one's father I was having a boy, and he was less than impresed. So, it's up to you, but if I could do it again, I wouldn't tell. Both took the wind right out of my sails. 


  • Thank you ladies! For some crazy reason I thought I was having a boy the entire time.. so I was really surprised to hear "Its a girl!"... and delighted at the same time. My mother went shopping today and called me to say she went "overboard" on baby clothes and to please not buy anything until after the baby turned 1. She was really emotional and excited about her upcoming first grandchild. :) It makes me smile. But did you ladies toggle between being happy and incredibly sad during your single and pregnant days. I feel as if I go back and forth sometimes and it makes me feel guilty at times....
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