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When does your cervix start to thin?


I am becki! I am 27 weeks pregnant, and have had some spotting here and there! I am on my second child and have tons of pressure. Combined with the bleeding I'm concerned my cervix might thinning. Because it is only when I push to go when I bleed a little. And the bleeding doesn't last long at all. I have an apt with my doc on Monday and will ask him, I was wondering if y'all could help in the mean time? Last I spotted the doc said it was from sex but my husband has been off to school and my legs have been closed for the last three weeks. And no no masterbating either.  

Re: When does your cervix start to thin?

  • Are you sure it's coming from the front and not the back?  It almost sounds like a hemmorhoid forming.
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  • Its def the front, I check to make sure by going in with tissue a little.
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  • Honestly, it's different for everyone and every pregnancy.  With one of my four, I started thinning out around 30 weeks.  There are all sorts of things that could make you spot.  The baby may just be putting weight on your cervix.  If it were me, I would call the nurses line tomorrow and let them know.  They may want to check things out just to see what's going on.  Better to err on the safe side. 

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  • I started dilating fairly early with dd. I was 5 cm at 37 weeks. I had dd at 38 weeks. I started having contractions around 30 weeks. I didn't think much of it because they always stopped within a couple hours. I thought they were BH. I didn't want to go to the hospital for nothing, which I knew I'd be sent as a precaution if I called my doctor. I always waited until my next appointment to bring it up. I was checked for the first time around 35 weeks, and I was already 4 cm. My OB didn't stop anything past 34 weeks, so I wasn't put on any restrictions. Looking back though, I should have definitely been a little more concerned when the contractions started because it was obviously changing my cervix. 

    I did change my activity after the contractions started. I stopped exercising because it always brought on contractions. I basically put myself on modified bed rest, and I think that is part of the reason I didn't go into labor sooner. 

     Have you been exercising or doing strenuous activity? The cervix is very sensitive and loaded with blood vessels. It doesn't take much to create spotting. Definitely bring it up with your doctor, and take it easy. 


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  • I have a doc apt on Monday and I'm for sure going to bring it up then! And suggest they check me to be sure! I do work out with a personal trainer once a week and that's it, and even then we don't do much. But the days that I have bled I didn't work out. I wasn't doing anything those days. The first time I brought it up to my doc she said it was from having sex with my husband two days prior well I haven't had sex so now idk what it is. I've had pressure gosh for the last two months, the doc says that's normal from giving birth 10 yrs ago, that my ligaments are stretching and it's fine. But sometimes I get cramping in my abdominal area which feel like my period is about to start then they go away. 

    Idk if this might play a factor but earlier in my pregnancy I was told I had some form of cervical cancer and they wouldn't know more till after the baby is born. I've had it before, when I was pregnant the last time. But now idk. And I am like you Lissa I don't want to go to the er and them tell me it's nothing. I guess I'll see what they say Monday!! I still take it easy, so m not doing any heavy lifting or anything like that! 


    Thank you all for the advise!! I'll post what the doc says up here monday! 

  • I had spotting when I had a BM at times, off and on. However, my cervix wasn't thinning. It never even opened all the way (I had a c section).

    When was the last time your doctor did a pelvic? Maybe your MD should have a look. 


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