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How did you handle potty training if your child is in daycare FT?

Our son is 3.5 and is very resistant to pooping on the potty.  Sometimes he will pee on the potty/sometimes not.  We do lots of positive reinforcement at home, and I ask him all the time if he wants to go potty.  Most of the time he says no.  He knows when he has to go and knows when he needs to be changed.  Everything I have read about potty training says to remain casual about it; he will do it when he's ready.

This is hard for me.  I feel like he is late on this as almost all other kids in his daycare class are PT.  How can I get him over the hump if he's at daycare all day?  Is it really fair to his teachers to just send him in big boy undies with a few changes of pants, knowing he will be pooping in his pants?  I feel like it's our job as parents to help this process along and I can't do that if I'm not there.  I hate to put that burden on them, kwim?

Some people have told us to take time off work and do the whole hardcore PT boot camp thing.  That is not practical/possible with our schedules.  Is there any way we can get this done with him being in daycare all day?

I would really appreciate some advice!  Thanks :-)

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Re: How did you handle potty training if your child is in daycare FT?

  • what do the daycare teachers say?

    I would think the peer pressure of seeing all his friends poop on the potty would be extremely helpful. 

    I would take a long weekend maybe (take off Friday or Monday) and really work on it at home - let him walk around w/o pants, etc. and remind him about the potty, this is the special potty weekend, etc., etc. - maybe "Potty Party Weekend" ?? kinda and I'll bet he gets it.  And, then - ta da, back to school in underpants. 

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  • I can't actually speak from experience because I SAH, but I would imagine that any day care provider of children that age should be prepared to support the child and parents in PTing (and be used to dealing with accidents).

    It seems really unreasonable for both the parents to have to take time off work to PT their child, and for the child to get a solid grasp on PTing when they're only doing it part time.

    Have you spoken to your childcare providers about it? If you feel he's ready but just not being given the opportunity, then you need to speak to the daycare about how they'll encourage/support you. Who knows? Perhaps if he's sent to daycare in big boy undies and is encouraged by both the day care providers and by seeing his peers use the potty, etc, he'll catch on really quick. 

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  • I haven't spoken to his teachers or the daycare director about it yet.  I will see what they say about how they typically handle these types of situations.
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  • I would ask his teacher what they are doing at daycare and try to follow suit.  If they are taking him every two hours, do the same. 

    I suggest start on a Saturday morning(stay home) with undies on, no pull-up(they know its a glorified diaper) and take him every 1-2 hrs.  Yes he will have accidents, that is why you are staying home.  Praise him when he goes potty in the toilet, praise him when he stays dry and remind him that he is a big boy and his undies what to stay dry and clean. 

    I hope this helps I never trained a boy from start to finish, but as a daycare teacher this is what we recommed. GL

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  • Something that you may or may not have throught about. Does he have trouble pooping? Is his poop typically real hard? Our pedi recommended Mirilax when DS was having trouble pooping and that did the trick.

    As for 3 day potty training "boot camp" method. I am a huge fan. It worked really well for DS1. I plan to do it again with DS2 in the spring. I planned to take off Monday but by Sunday he was having no accidents and I sent him to school Monday with no problems. He was 2.5years old.

    Your son's age is actually pretty standard for potty training in boys. I wouldn't focus on what the other kids do and don't do.

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  • I'm in the same boat.  My first son was 2.5 and so easy.  This little guy of mine is 3.5 and like your!
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