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Sleeping Pills while trying for baby?

I'm on Trazadone 50mg for a sleep problem and my fiance and I plan to try for baby right after marriage. I'm wondering if sleeping pills are safe when you're pregnant. Are there any women out there who had to give them up? Or have your doctors recommended any safe alternatives?

Re: Sleeping Pills while trying for baby?

  • We had a tramatic event happen in our family this past summer. I was 3 month pregnant and my doctor put me on Ambien (sleeping pills) to make sure I get my sleep. I don't know about the pill you are taking but I know Ambien is safe. I would call your OB and see what they say. They can just look it up for you and let you know. Good luck!

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  • Hi, I also took Ambien when pregnant. Don't know about the one you are on though
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  • I was on Trazadone before I found out that I was pregnant...I was on it for a couple of weeks while pregnant too, not knowing of coarse. I had to stop taking it, and I miss that more than anything else...I havent slept a full night in months :(
  • It's good to know that I shouldn't take Trazadone then, and I feel your pain about not sleeping. I forgot to call my Rx in one time and went all weekend without it; I could only imagine months off of it and pregnancy on top of it. :S


    I'll talk to my doctor about Ambien.

    Thank you, ladies!

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