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BOB stroller advice *repost frm baby gear*

I already have a travel system which will be great for indoors. And I am about to buy a jogging stroller. I was looking at the Revolution and Sport. The main thing that attracted me to the Revolution was the swivel wheel. And the main thing that attracted me on the Sport was the bigger wheels. We live in Italy and the roads are super uneven and bumpy. Also, we were going to get the revolution brand new at about 500$. We found someone who is selling the older sport stroller for a lot cheaper. Since I have never actually used one and just going off reviews I have no idea how they would even compare.

So WWYD? Get the new Revolution with all the updates and a swivel front wheel,or get the older model that saves money and has bigger wheels? I was thinking I may have to haul both strollers with me because I wouldn't use the BOB Sport indoors, it would be the travel system stroller indoors..and I was thinking with the Revolution, I would be able to use indoors too because of the front wheel...

Re: BOB stroller advice *repost frm baby gear*

  • I have the Revolution and love it.  It is really my only stroller (we bought a cheaper umbrella stroller to keep in the car and for travelling).  I take it on dirt roads and smoother hiking trails and it's never skipped a beat.  I believe the Sport only has a larger front wheel than the Revolution.  I think the rear wheels are the same size (16").

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  • bob storller rocks, try consignment sale or craigslist, i know in my town there are alot of consignment sales (not a consign store they are over priced)
  • Definitely get the one with the swivel wheeler if you are going to be on rocky terrain, so to speak. Does the older one have the swivel? I use my BOB Revolution everyday; running, walking, in the mall, at the beach, at the park, at restaurants - it's the only stroller I own and it does well everywhere. It can get a little hard to park if you are going to a restaurant that doesn't have a lot of room, but that's about it.

    I say get the used one only if it has a swivel wheel. And if you buy the infant attachment you can just pop your carseat in it and won't even need to use the tother travel system.  


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