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Exercise after Amnio?

I just had an amnio done on Tuesday and my doc said bed rest for 48 hours and take it easy for 2 weeks.

My family would rather I NEVER exercise but this bed rest has put a huge depression on me and my expanding thighs...

I just want to know, Who else has had an amnio and resumed exercise? How long after? 2 weeks? A month? Never?

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Re: Exercise after Amnio?

  • With both my pregnancies and both my amnios, my doctors (2 different doctors) said to take it easy that afternoon (i.e., no picking up my toddlers, no running, etc.) and to take it easy for 2 days after (i.e., no heavy exercise) but I can still do all normal activities (e.g., go to work).  I was back up and running within 48 hours.
  • Wow! Good to know =)
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  • I had amnio on a Tuesday and I started exercising again the following weekend.  I eased back into it just to be safe.
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