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Volleyball during first trimester?

I'm barely 5 weeks along now, but have already had my first appointment with my family doctor (who delivers). She recommended that I stop playing volleyball. I only play in recreational leagues (somewhat competitive, but nothing too intense).  I'm hearing (and reading) mixed reviews on the topic.  A friend of mine who used to play on my team while she was pregnant said that both her ob/gyn and her family doctor said it was fine if she continued to play since she used to play regularly before her pregnancy.  She delivered a healthy baby boy and she played well into her pregnancy.  Anyone with advice on the topic?  I don't want to put the baby at any risk, but don't want to stop enjoying my life and getting exercise if it's safe.  Most websites on the topic recommend that you stop playing "contact sports" (I would hardly consider volleyball a contact sport, but it's listed) later on in your pregnancy when your belly is bigger, which is understandable -- but is it necessary when it's the size of a peppercorn?  haha.  Any advice or reassurance would be much appreciated!

Re: Volleyball during first trimester?

  • I played recreational volleyball until I was about 33 weeks.  There are always pregnant women playing in our league as well.  I didn't play agressively and always made sure to drink plenty of water and I didn't have any issues.
  • I played until I was 26w and only stopped because our season was over. 

    My dr ok'ed it, even with my history of pg loss.  

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