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separation from military

I have multiple questions.  My husbands term is not up until Oct. of next year but due to a few reasons we are lead to believe we are going to be separated soon. ( like they told him they are going through is paperwork to decide today and to call his family to prepare)  I've already spoken to someone about tri-care and starting to figure that out but still am not clear on it all. So any information anyone has on that woudl be gladly appreciated.   Next- when you are being separated that's technically a change of orders from what i was told.  So when we move all of our stuff back home to start over again will we still get reimbursed like you do when you change duty stations? or is this move all on us?  I'm so flustered right now with everything.  We have a 8 week old baby so thankfully she is here and healthy and this didnt happen 9 weeks ago!
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Re: separation from military

  • As far as the move goes, the Miitary will pay for a final move to the hometown on your DH's record.

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  • They will pay him for the move or pay for the move to anywhere no further then his home of record. Also depending on his reason for separation he may also get Separation pay ( I did).

    Hope everything goes smoothly for you !


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  • Your benefits will depend on the reason he is separated as well.  Since you mentioned that he might suddenly be separated, the type of discharge is important.  So, if he is getting medically retired, your benefits will be different that if he is getting kicked out with a bad conduct discharge (I'm not saying this to be mean, it's just an example of a type of separation). 

    You said that you talked to Tricare, but were still unclear.  I would recommend calling them back or going to their office, spelling out your exact situation, and getting the answers you need.  As the others mentioned, your husband will rate one final move.  You can go anywhere, and the government will pay for up to the distance of his original home of record.  So, if he enlisted out of someplace 1,000 miles away, then you can move anyplace within 1,000 miles on Uncle Sam.  Beyond that, you would be responsible for some of the cost.

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