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I?m looking for some information on Eglin. I couldn?t find much information on the base website. I?ve been to the Destin/PCB area several times for vacations, so I?m fairly familiar with the ?tourist? side of the area. I?m looking for housing information, either on or off base, school info, or experiences with raising a family in the area. DH is currently Army, but looking to switch to AF for a position that would station us there. Thanks for your help!

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  • Okaloosa county schools are among the best in the state. I know tons of ppl who are still trying to sell their houses if you're interested in buying. 


    I'm from there and it was a great place to grow up. 

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  • I found two really good websites recently It stands for Military Word of Mouth. They have reviews for different bases. The second one is on base housing it is on Facebook called Moving House for the Military Spouse. Pictures of housing and you can post questions on their wall. 

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