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Anyone's DC start speech services later in life?

(meaning age 4 instead of 3 or under) 


So... after 3 years of brining up Jace's inability to regularly form the "TH" blend my pedi finally said that we should look into speech services.

Any words of wisdom or advice?

Most of my friends' kids were referred thru the school district and I don't think that's an option for us any longer due to his age?  He's also not in a public pre-school....

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Re: Anyone's DC start speech services later in life?

  • DS started services at 3 - he had already aged out of EI, but was provided services through the school district, even though he was in private preK.  He saw the SLP at the public elementary school closest to our house.

    He went to preschool in a county different from where we lived, so when he started public Kindergarten, they were able to just transfer his IEP. 

    I think I called EI first and they gave me the correct number to call - ChildFind, maybe? 

  • DS didn't start until age 6.  I'm not sure what advice you are looking for, although I think that even if your DC isn't in public school, they have early intervention programs for younger children.
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  • I don't have experience as the parent, but I am a special ed teacher.  Go through your public school system.  Look for contact information on their website.
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  • My DS just turned 4 and receives speech serices through the county school system.  I was haing to bring him to the county office for services, but now the therapist comes to his day care.  She said that it will be easier to get him more services after he starts Kindergarten because his speech delays have to show an interference in his education.  Right now, he's still in his K3 class and speech is not delaying his ability to fingerpaint.

    I also had him in private speech therapy through our hospital last year, but the therapist was flaky - missed appts.  So now I'm trying to work with the county, but the process is slow.

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  • Check with your schools Early Childhood Special Ed Department.  My DD was tested and tested in our schools EI and never qualified but when I took her for her school screening at age 3 and a few months, we were referred to the Early Childhood Special Ed dpeartment (ages 3 until school age) and she went through testing with them and qualified and has now been in speech through the school since Jan 2010 and has an IEP through that department that will follow her into kindy in the fall.  She currently receives speech 2x a week through school and then we have her go 1 additional day with a private company per the recommendation of her special services team through our Behavioral Services Medical Office that diagnosed her ADHD this summer.
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  • My DD#1 started ST at almost 6yrs old...she could not really do the S blends & had a really hard time with "r" sound & somewhat with "l" sound.  I paid out of pocket for ST for a year (1-2 times a week).  It worked & she no longer attends/needs ST.
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