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I don't know if this is an appropriate question to be posing to you ladies but don't know who else I would be able to ask. My husbands family is planning a trip to Laughlin in March and just want to know if there are ANY family activties that you ladies could suggest there or anything to watch out for. (He and I are not familiar with that area at all). We will be bringing LO and since I'm KU'd I just want to see from a mothers perspective what to expect.


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Re: Laughlin??

  • I'm not sure about family type of activities, because I had always gone there before we had kids.  Laughlin is basically a mini-Vegas -- the whole casino with shows experience, only on a MUCH smaller scale.  There is a shopping mall with a movie theater, lots of restaurants...Also if you're all into boating, Lake Mohave is right there (though it may still be a little chilly).  The town of Oatman (Rt. 66) is about 30 miles south of Laughlin, is pretty family-friendly (it's an old Tent Camp turned into mining town on historic route 66). 

    Unlike Vegas, some of the casinos are kinda smokey (not bad, I went to a couple when I was preg. with my 1st), but just something to watch for.  Personally, and this is just my opinion, I don't find the "strip" of Laughlin all that family friendly, i.e. kid-friendly, but that's just me.  There may be activities I'm not aware of.  Now that I have a 15 month old (and preg. with #2) I don't think to myself, "hey, let's go to Laughlin!!"  

    You might want to check out the Visit Laughlin website...

    Hope this helps a little!

  • I figured that this would be pretty much what we're going to encounter. I don't know how the idea of "let's go to Laughlin" came up in his family, but it's free airfare/hotel for us so I guess I'll take it. Thank you for your advice though it is SO appreciated!!
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  • It is like a mini Vegas on the water. But if its warm enough by then you can do water sports on the river or at Lake Mohave. There is also an old ghost town called Oatman, donkeys roam around and you can feed them its a lil' town off route 66 like 30 min away, on the AZ side. I used to go when I was a little girl and I took friends there its fun, they do a gun show, there are cute gift shops. I would research it because it has been a couple years since I have last been there. As far as indoor activities Harrah's has the best arcade for the kids, and Riverside is okay too. There is a little outlet mall and a movie theater there. and don't forget the pool.  
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