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Balance Check In

One of the 7 B's of AP is Balance. From Dr. Sears:

"In your zeal to give so much to your baby, it's easy to neglect the needs of yourself and your marriage. As you will learn the key to putting balance in your parenting is being appropriately responsive to your baby ? knowing when to say "yes" and when to say "no," and having the wisdom to say "yes" to yourself when you need help."
What have you done to maintain balance this past week?
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Re: Balance Check In

  • I had lots of things on my to do list today, but I was exhausted.  I was so tired I actually felt a little dizzy.  Instead of chores this afternoon I grabbed LO and logged some couch time.  It was GREAT!
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  • My training ended early today, so I donated blood! I also agreed to a few additional in clinic hours this evening and put some of training to good use :)
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  • I walked with friends and jogged the last bit back to my house. I decided that I needed to stop making excuses and just go. 
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