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Jonathan or Benjamin

We're really struggling on picking DS#2's name....our first DS name is Ryan.  I love the name Jonathan, but my dad's name is John and i feel like he will wonder why we didn't just name him John after him? I like Benjamin, but my DH isn't totally sold on the name.  the middle name will be Michael after my FIL.  TIA for your input!!
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Re: Jonathan or Benjamin

  • I like both but am a bit partial to Benjamin, I love Ben.
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  • I'm meh on both of them.
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    I'm very partial to Benjamin.  Such a sweet name.


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  • Love Benjamin
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  • I'm partial to John as that is my sons name. I know you said Jonathan and Benjamin and would say Jonathan and I'm sure people will call him Jon BUT I do like John since Ryans name is so short lol! Usually a long name has nn but go figure people call my son Johnny which I absolutely despise (no offense to anyone) but his name is John not Johnny or call him by his full name if you want to lengthen it John David. Wait I'm supposed to be giving you my opinion not venting.... sorry.
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  • Both are great, but I do adore Benjamin!!

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  • Love both names, but "Ben" variations are so popular right now, that I vote for Jonathan. Btw, we have several Johns and a Jonathan in our family, and it hasn't seemed odd to anyone.
  • i like Benjamin cuz i like Ben better than John.
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  • I prefer Benjamin, it's a little less boring than Jonathon..sort of.
  • Jonathan is meh. I really like Benjamin.
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  • Love Benjamin!

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  • Your DS will end being called "Jon/Jonny" or "Ben/Benny" at least part of the time, so I say pick a first name based upon that. I like both names and my DH is named Jonathan--I only call him Jonathan but most friends call him Jon.

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  • I like all those names. I like Benjamin the best.

    If your DH likes Jonathan more than Benjamin, I'd say go with Jonathan. To me, Jonathan is close enough to John (hello NN). It's totally a namesake, so I don't think you have to worry about that.

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  • Both names are good when used in full, but when shortened, Ben is waaaay better than John! I love Benjamin!

  • Definitely Benjamin, although when he is 3 he might decide he does not like his name and demand to be called "Boo", so you never quite know what his nickname will be :)
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