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How to make a floor bed safe

At night, DS and I sleep on a Queen size firm mattress that we have on the floor.  Yesterday, DS started making attempts to roll over (he hasn't done it yet, but you can tell he's trying hard).  I would like to put a side rail on the bed to make sure he doesn't fall off accidentally.

What kind of side rails do you use for your floor bed (or what steps have you taken to make your floor bed safe)?  


Re: How to make a floor bed safe

  • I should add -- the reason I ask is I wasn't sure if most side rails could work if a bed is on the floor (vs. on a box spring or slats). 
  • We don't have rails on ours--I figure we have  a floor bed for LO in the first place because it because it is low and thus a fall isn't a hazard. That said, when LO was younger, I would put a pillow or blanket along the side to cusion a fall/make the drop smaller so LO could eventually, gently learn to get out on his own. Squishy things like that come with their own risk, though.
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  • Like pp we don't use a rail because the mattress is on the floor. I wake up when DD does so I'm not concerned about her exploring while I sleep. At that age our mattress was against the wall and she was always between me and the wall.
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  • I didn't use anything. I don't think there's a real risk of landing on the carpet after a 9 inch drop. If I had hard floors I'd put a rug down.

    DD moved to a floor bed at 16mo. She fell out of bed maybe 3 times and has never had a bedrail. At least one of those times she didn't wake up and I found her sleeping on the floor later.

    DS moved to a floor bed at 19mo. He has fallen out of bed probably a dozen times... but almost all of those time he fell off the head of the bed! So a bedrail wouldn't help him. (There's a bookcase at the head of his bed, so he falls off onto the bottom shelf. It's bolted to the wall and has slatted sides, so it's not a danger. It doesn't wake him up when he does it, but it scares him when he wakes up there.)

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  • Thanks for the replies... glad to know it isn't a big risk!
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