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PSA: Bedrails on sale at Zulily today (gates, too)

Re: PSA: Bedrails on sale at Zulily today (gates, too)

  • I know it says it works up to a queen size, but just so I'm not being silly - you could use this while bedsharing, correct?
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  • Yeah, it just helps stop LO from falling off of the bed if she's not between you and your partner.  We were able to use this brand while our mattress was on the floor too.  I'll be moving it to her twin size bed once we make the transition.
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  • Ok - I had put one in my shopping cart, but wasn't sure.  Sometimes I don't like her between me and DH (he sleeps a lot deeper than me), and I figured we might get one for future bedsharing too!
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