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Separation anxiety

Right on schedule at 8 months separation anxiety has hit!   Can anyone suggest some good articles I could share with various family members who can't stop talking about how my baby is manipulating me and that he needs to get used to being left alone with strangers?  I am a SAHM for another 8 months still so I don't see him really needing to be left with strangers much.  I'd also love to hear your best strategies for dealing with separation anxiety in a loving way.  

Re: Separation anxiety

  • They have some good info on Dr. Sear's website as well as Elizabeth Pantley.  As far as how to deal with seperation anxiety, we just gave lots of attention, affection, reassurance.  We never forced DS to go to anyone.  We let him be around people and then let him choose to go to them when he felt more comfortable.  We also never, ever sneaked away when he was looking.  Instead we would tell him we would be gone for a minute and come right back.  This let him get used to us going away and coming back.  The periods would get longer and longer.  Of course sometimes we had to leave him with a sitter and he would cry alot.  But I just left him with someone that was loving and nurturing and would hold him.  Nothing else we could do.  Thankfully it is a phase and was pretty short-lived with us.  
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